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WOWOWOW KORONE BOX is a fangame based off of Cover Corporation’s hololive property. It features Inugami Korone, member of hololive GAMERS. The game is a top-down shooter with the objective of collecting as many Korone Boxes as possible without getting hit even once. Korone must contend with many enemies and boss battles, but is given a variety of weapons to help her survive. The game is inspired by Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box and Nuclear Throne.

The game is intended to capture Korone’s personality and content in a fast-paced and punishing but addictive experience reminiscent of arcade games. Combining the one-life and random weapon acquisition loops of Super Crate Box with the top-down twin stick style of Nuclear Throne, the player is constantly kept on their toes as they progress through an increasingly difficult horde of enemies. The weapon the player has on hand at any given moment determines what tactics are effective, especially when facing the many different bosses.

I am responsible for most of the art and all of the programming. The many character designs in the game are based on official hololive designs as well as Korone’s own creations. I arranged the game’s soundtrack, remixing various tracks by other artists. A full list of credits can be found on the game page.

Shoot 'em up