ELITE EXORCIST MIKO is an ongoing fangame project based off of hololive production, starring the talent Sakura Miko. The game is a twin-stick shoot 'em up with roguelite elements and a focus on boss battles and melee combat. Inspirations include but are not limited to Touhou Project, Suguri, Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon.

The game is intended to be both accessible to new shoot 'em up players and enjoyable for veteran players as well. The player is given a variety of options to customize their experience to their liking, including equipment customization and different combat styles with varying levels of risk vs. reward.

The scale of the game is planned to be greater than all of my previous projects. While I am responsible for a large portion of art and all programming/design/music arrangements, I am receiving help from many other skilled creators with this project.

There is currently no set release window for the game.

Shoot 'em up